Food Display

How to tempt customers with an irresistible Food Display

Delis and diners, sandwich bars and ice cream parlours rely on a steady stream of customers. If people don’t pop into food preparation premises, goods won’t be sold and the business will take a nosedive as a result. How can they make their food hard to resist? Dress to impress with a delightful display. Make it hard for customers to ignore those French fancies by placing them in a prominent position within the Food Display. Fill the Food Display with sandwich fillings that look mouth-watering. Make your mark with a Food Display that instantly sells the quality of your establishment. If the grub looks good it’s sure to sell and the Food Display will have done its job. Equipment can be bought through suppliers who sell quality food service equipment like an Induction Hob.

Tasty food, fabulous display

The sure fire way to sell stacks of food is to make it look utterly gorgeous. Use professional Food Display equipment and market your produce in the best possible light. Think people will be impressed by tatty old equipment? They won’t! Create the right kind of impression and use Food Display equipment that does justice to the quality of your food. What could make a difference to your restaurant?  How about a new Induction Hob, top buffet Food Display or a barbecue island. Impress your customers with the quality of your Food Display and see them return time and time again. It’s great to provide great tasting food but it has to be displayed in the right way.

Corner cafe counters

They’ve served the general public proudly for decades. Today modern ranges of Food Display equipment incorporate some of the finest cafe counters. Gorgeous glass units prove a visual treat for the customers, where they can feast their eyes over a wide range of hot and cold food produce. Install the best Food Display equipment within your cafe and it’ll prove to be a big hit with your clientele. Along with the Induction Hob, your new Food Display equipment will be a valuable part of your catering business. Prepare a yummy range of food and let it speak for itself as it’s displayed within great looking Food Display equipment. is a leading manufacturer of food service equipment; visit our site today for more information on Food Display and Induction Hob


Methodology Madness – Tim Bryce

2011 marks our 40th anniversary in the methodology business with the advent of our “PRIDE” product, the first commercial methodology for designing and developing information systems. “PRIDE” was born out of the need to implement the massive Management Information Systems (MIS) of the 1960’s. As we began to market the product in 1971 people would inevitably ask, “What exactly is it?” Good question, as there had never been anything like it before. We thereby coined the expression “methodology” to refer to “PRIDE” as an organized process for building systems. The expression was considered somewhat avant-garde at the time and caught on. As the structured programming movement blossomed in the late 1970’s the term also came to be associated with specific techniques for software design.

Recently there has been renewed interest in methodologies and quite a few papers written about them. Frankly, I’ve been disappointed in their observations and conclusions and, through this article, I hope to set the record straight.

The reason we chose the word “methodology” is because we recognized there were essentially two ways of designing and building any product, either one at a time or standard and reusable processes. The “one at a time” approach means you have to define your methodology with each new project. The “reusable” approach is a recognition the same processes can be applied to building products of similar type. For example, there is a standard and reusable methodology for designing and constructing houses, bridges, ships, or skyscrapers, or for the design and development of products, such as electronics, automobiles, jet engines, etc. An assembly line, as found in manufacturing, is perhaps the most visible implementation of the methodology concept. It consists of a series of workstations where certain tasks are performed, and a deliverable is produced for review before proceeding to the next workstation. There are methodologies for just about every type of work effort. It would be rather arrogant to assume systems development would be any different. All I.T. organizations have such methodologies, whether they are cognizant of it or not; some are well defined and applied consistently in an organization, others are not.

The concept of “methodology,” as we implemented it in “PRIDE” in 1971, was to define the standard and reusable steps by which an information system was designed, developed, tested, installed, and reviewed. Again, we saw this as analogous to an assembly line in a factory where products are assembled in increments until a finished product rolls off the line, such as an automobile. This means a methodology operates independently from project management. If you do not care about time or costs, the “PRIDE” methodology could still be used to design and build a system. Many people believe project management is an inherent part of a methodology; it is not. A good methodology supports project management but it is certainly not dependent on it. Using the manufacturing analogy, an assembly line defines how a product is assembled. Only then can we apply production control to determine if the line is progressing on time and within costs. This means project management is analogous to production control in a manufacturing facility. It also means project management is dependent on a methodology, but not the reverse. Nonetheless, most people look to obtain a methodology for solving their project management problems, which it certainly can help, but that is only a byproduct and not its main focus.

Like an assembly line, we designed every phase, activity and task in the “PRIDE” methodology to produce a reviewable result, a “deliverable” of some kind which can be reviewed for completeness, thereby providing the means to build quality into the product during its development as opposed to inspecting it in afterwards. Deliverables can take many forms, be it a report, a file, a program, test data, etc. Regardless, “PRIDE” defines the 5W’s + H, “Who is supposed to do What, When, Where, Why, and How,” thereby everyone in the methodology is cognizant of what their duties and responsibilities are, including the work that precedes and succeeds them.

Methodologies can be defined for any form of work, be it I.T. related or otherwise. In “PRIDE”, for example, we devised three complementary methodologies – one to study a business and devise an enterprise wide information strategy (Enterprise Engineering Methodology), one to build systems (Information Systems Engineering Methodology), and a third to develop the corporate data base (Data Base Engineering Methodology). These are not “make work” methodologies as much as they are designed to define the assembly lines of an I.T. organization.

When it comes to systems methodologies, there tends to be two schools of thought: linear or spiral development. Linear methodologies refer to the classical approaches for systems development as fostered by academia, whereby there are typically five basic phases of work:


Variations of the classic linear approach abound and can be found in many different places, including consulting firms, universities, and packaged offerings. It is sometimes called the “waterfall” methodology or SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle).

The spiral approach is based on the premise the development process is evolutionary in nature (which, in fact, it is). The concept is to initially design a program, then add additional phases of work to constantly revise the program to enhance its features. From a Project Management perspective, the problem with this approach is that the project never ends. What is today referred to as “Agile” falls under this category.

Interestingly, neither the linear or spiral philosophies take parallelism into account, as is commonly found in product related methodologies. This is because most system developers do not grasp the concept of associating a system with a product. In reality, an information system is a collection of business processes (aka, “sub-systems”) that can be depicted as a hierarchy of subassemblies and parts which is essentially no different than any other product structure. This philosophy thereby provides the means for the methodology to branch out to mirror the product structure. It also means sub-systems can be developed and delivered in parallel and concurrently, thereby allowing a system to implement its kernel components while the rest of the system is still under development.

I find it interesting that people in the industry still do not understand this simple concept of parallelism and insist on thinking linearly. Maybe it’s because this is how most programmers work, one step at a time. This may be fine for a single program, but a system is much more robust in size and scope. Working and thinking in a linear manner has been the cause of many development disasters over the years. It is simply not practical or necessary to do so.

Over the years, one of the major criticisms of methodologies is the idea of forcing a small system change through the rigors of a robust methodology, thereby being viewed as a bureaucratic nightmare. Again, going back to the assembly line analogy, suppose we had to modify or correct a small change to a television set, would it make sense to take it through the whole television assembly line or rather go to just those workstation(s) necessary to implement the modification? The latter obviously. The same is true in systems development, in the event of a change, it is necessary to identify and execute only those phases (workstations) necessary to implement it. Big changes, many phases; small changes, few phases. Again, this is only possible with a product perspective.

What distinguishes “PRIDE” from other methodologies in this area is that it is based on a simple concept: “A system is a product that can be engineered and manufactured like any other product.” If you buy into this concept, then it is possible to transform an I.T. department into an Information Factory. If you do not, you will probably continue to think linearly and complain about the bureaucracy of methodologies.

For more information on this subject, see:

“Standard System Structure”

“Methodologies versus Techniques and Tools”

“A Short History of Systems Development”

Finally, let me leave you with a definition which we use in connection to “PRIDE”:

Methodology – one or more phases of work to be executed in a prescribed manner. The methodology denotes a project’s sequence of execution or network. All projects have a structure; some are based on key events to be completed and others are based on the structure of a product to be built. All projects have a beginning for planning, a middle for execution and an end for review. The beginning phase of most projects is performed through some form of feasibility study. The ending phase is usually an evaluation phase. Each phase, activity and operational step within a methodology must produce a reviewable deliverable to substantiate adherence to the methodology. (See Deliverable).

Keep the Faith!

Copyright © 2010 by Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

Tim Bryce is a writer and management consultant located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

He can be contacted at:

Copyright © 2010 Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

Vegetarian Eating Out

Mexican restaurants offer hearty bean burritos, tostadas, enchiladas, and tacos– all of which provide good protein. Cheese and vegetable quesadillas are delicious. Veggie fajitas (steamed and seasoned vegetables strips served with a thin tortilla and toppings of guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and cheese) are a good choice. Most beans (pinto, black, and refried) are now made with vegetable oil, but some restaurants may use lard, so confirm with the restaurant that no lard or meat seasonings, such as chicken stock or bacon, have been used. Nachos can be prepared with beans instead of meat. Spanish restaurants, found only in certain locales, are quite distinct from Mexican eateries and frequently have several vegetarian items.

Fast food burger places will often make a cheese sandwich if asked (a bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles). French fries are a standby, and onion rings, pitas sandwiches, salads, and some bread products are very often made with all lacto-vegetarian ingredients. Many better restaurant chains carry a vegetable or gluten-based burger on the menu. Most fast food restaurants have printed consumer-material that gives details on all the items on their menu.

Pizza has many non-meat combinations of toppings. Many Italian restaurants offer a range of items such as fried mozzarella sticks (although please check the ingredients of the batter unfortunately sometimes they use eggs), spaghetti with meat-free marinara or alfredo sauce, and grilled portabello mushrooms. Check to assure that the pasta is eggless.

Sandwich and subs shops often have subs, veggie pitas and “wraps” filled with a variety of veggies, black olives, and cheese, and served either hot or cold.

Greek or Middle-East restaurants generally serve falafel ground, spiced, fried chickpea (garbanzo bean) patties that are served hot, stuffed into a pita, and topped with a smooth tahini sauce. Hummus and baba ganouj are also vegetarian alternatives. Add a Greek salad with chunks of feta cheese and ripe olives.

Natural food restaurants cater to vegetarians and will have a great assortment of dishes.

Chinese restaurants offer a wide variety of vegetable stir-fry dishes, and bean curd (tofu) specialties that can be made without meat or animal products. One delicious dish is fried tofu with broccoli in a scrumptious garlic sauce. It’s out of this world! Other tasty Chinese dishes include vegetable lo mein and chow mein. In terms of appetizers, we can recommend vegetarian spring rolls (please check that the wrap is eggless) and scallion pancakes.

Buffets and salad bars are available at many mainstream restaurants. Many also have special dietary options which may include low-fat, heart-healthy, or vegetarian items.

Indian restaurants offer soups, side dishes, and many main courses that are strictly vegetarian. Some Indian restaurants are entirely vegetarian.

Learn more about the vegetarian diet and lifestyle including recipes. Join our VeggieFest page on Facebook. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to join.

Losing Weight Healthily!

Losing weight healthily is the most important query among health questions well as health answers. The healthiest means to free you of heavy mass is neither smash into diets nor gusts of exercise. The body likes slow changes in terms of food and exercise.

For instance, somebody who has not done exercises for years should not bump into running miles a day or hitting the treadmill. Not just will the exertion to do so make you sensing crestfallen and irritated.

The similar is the case with people who abruptly begin going hungry. Nutritional regimes that sternly put a ceiling on calories or the sort of foodstuff permitted can head you to be poor in the nutrients plus vitamins that are very important for your body.

So, what should be done in such cases?

Energy works as food for your body because body keeps any surplus energy in the mode of fat. This denotes if you eat extra food than your body need pro every day doings and cell continuance, you will increase mass.

In order to lose mass, you have to make your body consume the stored fat. The most effectual mode to do this is to:

Cut down the quantity of calories you take.
Multiply your levels of doings.


This is the reason behind expert’s discussion about weight loss in terms of eating habits plus exercise.

Small alterations give a great big distinction. One extra biscuit per week can head you to put on 5lb a year, remove that biscuit from your food intake and you will decrease the similar measure.

You are supposed to give consideration to weight loss through undying altering your nutritional regimes. Whereas mass loss goals are habitually fixed in terms of weeks, the ending game is to continue these alterations above months and years, that is to say variation in standard of living forever.

Somebody who multiplies its exercises, whereas keeps the similar pattern of eating and calorie ingestion will most likely lose heaviness.

If you don’t like exercise but still do light work out, like a short 20-minute stroll, will be helpful if performed nearly all days of the week.

Each time you do exercise over routine, you free yourself of calories as well as fat.

There are copious numbers of modes to add to the total of doings you carry out. In order to augment your fitness levels, opt for team games, racket games, calisthenics classes, running, walking, swimming and cycling.

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Free Weight Loss Tips

These tips are a great starting point in your quest to losing weight. I came up with 3 great free weight loss tips that does not involve virtually any exercise but lifestyle changes to live by on a day-to-day basis.

Eat with smaller plates and spoons

If you are one of those people who have always been having trouble losing weight, then this is something that could be at least your first step in the weight loss process.

Making yourself to eat in a smaller bowl is not only a healthy start, but it forces you to eat in smaller portions rather than what your body is already used to. Another thing that’s great about this is that if you’re among the people who are lazy to exercise, this could be the “foundation” where you can at least have somewhere to start in your weight loss journey. Using a small spoon is helpful because it’s more proportional to the small plate that you’re using rather than using a larger spoon (which you’re probably accustomed to) with a small plate. Also, you wouldn’t feel like you’re cheating yourself. After some time, eating in a smaller bowl and spoon becomes second nature to you.

Drink Water after every Meal!

This might sound cliche but drinking water is essential to everybody in general and is one of the most important of these free weight loss tips. This is because we need water to survive. But drinking water is also a good weight loss tip because it helps fill your stomach up faster as your eating food with the smaller portioned plates and spoon.

We need about 7 glasses of water a day so a good idea to fulfill that every day is the following:

Drink your 1st glass after you wake up, have one ready for your meals (such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), arrange a set time where you will have one in between Breakfast and Lunch, and another between Lunch and Dinner, then have the last one before going to bed. And stick to it! You’ll likely be making a lot of trips to the restroom so prepare for that. But hey! Think of it like “hey, this is making me lose weight right now!” And be happy about that. This will probably be the only physical exercise you’ll have to do (if you’re following these free weight lose tips to the “T”)

No more eating snacks!

I know this is difficult for a lot of people, but if you are serious in losing weight, following these free weight loss tips, and fully aware that losing weight is a life changing experience for you that needs to be done drastically, you need to make drastic changes in your life! A good start would be to stop buying extra snacks and food of that nature. No more chips, cookies, & cake. Anything “extra” should be “exed” out! Don’t eat extra portions either! Also, anything outside of “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner” is extra! (Except for drinking water)

If you already do have snacks in your house….throw them away! If that’s too hard to do, at least get somebody to hide them from you or move it somewhere where it won’t be seen easily by yourself.

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What Keeps Happy People Happy

“I just want to be happy.” Maybe you have heard yourself saying this a thousand times already, maybe not. Even so, these words are what compose the deepest desires of a man’s heart. Learn the secrets of the happy people and find out what keeps them happy and what you can do to be happy and stay happy as well.

Being happy means being active and energetic all the time. Be more excited about life and find more time to do some worthwhile activities. Instead of being a couch potato, go out into the open and explore what the world has to offer you. You will find out that there is more to life than you and your own personal world.

Put yourself in a position where you can get to meet new and unfamiliar faces. Doing so will get rid of the boredom of an everyday routine. Humans are social beings and socializing is essential to our health. Don’t face the world on your own. Find a group where you can share your ideas, your emotions and even your life. Your relationship with other people will bring out the best of you!

Worry drains out your energy; when your energy is lost so does your happiness. Do not allow your problems to dictate your life and do not allow your worries to dictate how you will feel today. Do what your situation requires, leave everything else to God and get back to being the happy person that you are.

Your thoughts can shape your life and the power of life and death is in the tongue. Be careful therefore of what thoughts you allow your mind to think and what words you allow your mouth to speak out. Replace negative thoughts and words with positive ones and you will remain happy no matter what.

Choose life, choose happiness. Storms may come and rock your boat but when you are rooted and grounded in happiness, not even the fiercest of winds and waves can stop you. Happiness is important that is why you have to learn to choose to be happy and stay happy whatever the circumstance.

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David Preston

David Preston (One Of The Good Guys!)

The Legendary Offline Consultant David Preston is becoming quite the buzz word on the internet. Nicknamed the Wizard behind The Curtain, it appears his reputation for finding “what’s not there“ is making him a very sought after commodity. If you look up David Preston Inc in google, be prepared to be impressed.. He has managed a well rounded career in consulting that has helped anyone from the small business owner to the big Gurus on the net. His flexability in finding solutions for ending the marketing nightmare, is becoming the talk of the town. Some of the biggest names on the net like Willie Crawford, tip their hat to David Preston for not only finding things that are so stupidly simple, (to him) but so effective that anyone who follows his advice and lead, will succeed. You know you are someone that deserves respect when a man like Willie Crawford writes, “This Guy Is The Real Deal!” David Preston has a long impressive client list of the top who’s who, on the internet as well as around the world. I know some people that would love to get their hands on that special file. But this is a man that doesn’t respond to all the hype, because his real excitement and passion goes into helping those that really need it.

I found a perfect example of this when I heard about a instructional video that actually told every day people how you can make money on the internet like the big boys. At first I thought it was a pitch or new game in town and then I dug a little deeper and discovered this is a learning tool that actually works! I got hold of something called Secret Guru Videos and could not believe that someone would reveal all these inside secrets that could truly help the average person or (newbie as they call them)

The thing that really got me was when I talked to a few people that had learning disabilities and they were so excited that someone had finally helped them succeed. When I found the creator of these brilliant step by step instructional videos, it was no surprise that it was the one person that always looks for what is not there?

You got it, David Preston found a solution that has been haunting people for years. He shows them how to end their marketing nightmare and become a true success on the internet. David has now opened the door to a enormous group of people that once thought a disability, or not having enough money would doom them to failure.

These videos are unlike anything else available, anywhere. Like all of David’s products they are no fluff, no hype and straight to the point. He has built a strong following of marketers who know that he will not produce a product unless it genuinely helps people. This product is no exception!

Though he is mainly known for his huge offline consulting business he has recently exploded into the internet with three best selling products back to back. This is his fourth offering to the internet community and I’m certain it will be in huge demand as well.

I must say, Willie Crawford is absolutely right, David Preston is The Real Deal and deserves our thanks and respect for creating and teaching the simple inside secrets that can change your life. We need more people like this to step up against the hype that usually surrounds internet marketing.

Natural Remedies and Natural Health Solutions

Natural products are made up of naturally available materials like herbs, plant extracts, fruits, vegetables and much similar kind of things. Natural remedies can be used to efficiently treat a vast range of ailments through regular and correct usage. These remedies are not only for the mind, but also for the physical body of an individual. We should avoid poisoning ourselves with the chemically prepared drugs, which give a negative impact on the body.

There are several reasons for preferring Natural health solutions, rather than depending on drugs and medicines:
• These products have no side affects: Herbal products have least allergic affect on body. They are safe to use.
• Organic raw products does not harm in any way: The ingredients of natural products does not harm the body and are very effective in curing diseases.
• They detoxify the body: They remove extra toxic materials from the body and regulate the body.
• Health restoration and disease prevention: Natural therapies prevent you from getting the diseases and restore the health in case of any problem.
• They can be prepared at home also: If you know the ingredients, these medicines can be made at home.
• Less costly: These are less expensive and cheaper than chemically treated medicines.
• Higher quality ingredients give a long lasting affect to body: Natural products are genuine and have a good quality. They give a positive affect to the body.
• Natural products boost the immune system: Natural products increase the immunity of body, thus preventing the diseases to attack the body soon.
• Most of the natural care products improve the digestive system: Natural products have a positive affect on liver and kidney.
• Removes the disease from its root: The best point is that natural products remove the disease from its root, thereby giving a positive scope for total removal of the disease from its core.

Natural Health Remedies are therapeutic products and health services based on the laws of nature and the resources offered by it. Natural health alternatives harness the human body’s amazing ability to keep well and heal it. Natural health alternatives are mostly simple, effective and can be done by everyone at any desired place.

The results of natural therapies have always been everlasting and the chances of re occurrence of problem gets minimal. The belief of people on natural remedies and health solutions is increasing from time to time. Natural remedies are capable of curing every day small ailments to the major health issues.

Any kind of Naturally Made Remedy is going to give you a better chance at not having to take any type of medication, even some home remedies can help teens to become acne free.

5 Weight Loss Tips

1. Eat More Lose More!

By eating small meals throughout the day you will keep your energy levels high and your blood sugar levels stable, not to mention boosting your metabolism. Think about it this way; you wake up in the morning and start the fire (your metabolism). To get this fire up and running you will need to add newspaper, kindling and wood (plenty of food). Once the fire is burning, adding small amounts of wood every few hours (food) will maintain a steady flame.

On the other hand, if you do not take the time and effort to light the fire first thing (missing breakfast), you will have no fire for the rest of the day. Likewise if you get the fire roaring in the morning but ignore it till dinner (skip meals), it would have gone out.

2 Eat More Protein

Protein is the building blocks for the body. Try to consume a complete protein with every meal you eat. When we say complete we mean it has all 22 branched chain amino acids. To make this a little simpler if it runs, swims or can fly then eat it!

By consuming protein with every meal, you will feel fuller and will be able to keep your blood sugar levels stable reducing sugar cravings.

3 Get your Carbohydrates in the Form of Fruits and Veggies

Did you know the word sugar is synonymous with the word carbohydrate; yes they are the exact same thing.

When you consume carbs/sugars, insulin is secreted due to the rise on carbs/sugars in your blood stream. This is done so your muscles can utilise the carbs/sugar as a fuel source. If this carbohydrate fuel is not burned within a short period of time, it will be used to store adipose tissue FAT.

Carbohydrates are a very misunderstood topic so we will simplify it for you. Eat a large selection of great choice carbs veggies, salads and fruit that are high in fibre and nutrient dense. Avoid poor choice carbs pasta, cereals, rice, potatoes, flour, grains and sugar.

4 Eat your Dam FAT

Fat is responsible for the manufacturing and secretion of many hormones such as mood and stress hormones. Fat also helps the body maintain homeostasis (balance). Fat assists in the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K and Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a very important ingredient in manufacturing Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen and Serotonin and protects all cells from free radial damage.

Again just like carbohydrates, there are good fats and bad fats. Good fats include olive oil, butter, coconut oil, fish oil, nuts and seeds and avocadoes. Bad fats include trans-fats, margarines, low fat spreads and vegetable oils

5 Do your Intervals

The key ingredient in interval training is the intensity. When you raise the intensity of a workout, your EPOC will increase, Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This is basically the amount of calories you burn after the workout. When you push your body to high intensities, the body requires greater recovery. It is within this recovery that you burn significantly more calories compared to a steady-state workout. Your heart rate, body temperature and blood lactate significantly rise during intense workouts, so your body works hard to regulate these back to their normal function. Your muscle fibres need to repair and your glycogen levels must restock in this recovery stage. EPOC also know as the after burn effect will boost your metabolism and continually burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

Stay Healthy

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Healthy Breakfast For A Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most important things that will help you live a healthy life is having a balanced diet. A healthy diet will help the body on the inside and will show on the outside. As children, our eating habits are heavily influenced by our parents who try to find a happy medium between letting us eat all the junk food we want to keep us happy yet still ensuring we get enough fruit, vegetable and a varied healthy diet. As adults we should be responsible enough to maintain our own healthy diet and know instinctively that we can’t much our way through a six pack of crisps in one sitting!

Breakfast is one meal you should not skip, it wakes up your metabolism and it can actually help you lose weight. A bowl of cereal in the morning can help you snack less on sweet foods during the day. It will provide you the energy you need, the vitamins and minerals and daily fiber your body uses to function during the day and it should keep you feeling full up until lunch. Cereals, fruit and milk in your breakfast will keep you healthy, and can help reduce the risk of developing diseases such as ulcer, gastritis, diabetes.

There is a strong correlation between intellectual performance and having a healthy breakfast at the start of the day. The morning meal will energize you and create a general feeling of well-being that will put you in a much better position to handle the daily challenges at work and at home.

A glass of fruit juice or a cup of tea with breakfast will rehydrate you and help with the assimilation of vitamins and minerals from food. What you should avoid is coffee, tobacco and alcohol unless you want to feel tired by lunchtime. Fried foods or high-fat foods will slow your digestion and give you a feeling of being bloated. Sweet foods will only give you a temporary sensation of being energetic and they will not appease your hunger. Whole grain rolls, hot or cold whole-grain cereals, combined with low-fat protein coming from hard-boiled eggs, lean slices of meat, poultry or fish, low-fat yoghurt and low-fat cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, can offer you a combination of healthy ways to enjoy breakfast.

Doughnuts or croissants will spike your blood sugar, making you feel hungry quickly and craving for carbohydrates. A healthy breakfast will keep the blood sugar level balanced and will sustain you until lunch.

Although incorporating breakfast into a busy day may seem difficult, the multiple benefits a healthy start to the day brings with it should convince you to allow for some extra time to prepare it in the morning. Start gradually to make the transition smoother. Oatmeal can be quick to prepare, toast may be a transition from no breakfast to having it on a regular basis. Your body will get used to being fuelled by the food it gets in the morning, and your metabolism will improve. People who regularly skip breakfast tend to have a slower metabolism, which may actually come between their losing weight.

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